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We have been providing internet consulting, web development, web design, branding, system integration and many other scalable business solutions for B2B, B2C and B2E since 1998.

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The following systems are available as customizable applications. Since we start with a fully developed code base, we can deliver a customized application for a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time, required for a "start from scratch" system. Unless otherwise stated all source code is made available. The systems below are written in Asp.NET using C#.

Ceonex Help Desk

Our Help Desk System is much more than the name suggests, it can accept and handle service requests, and even projects. Some features include:

  • Simple user interface to place a request or view or respond to open requests, and view history.
  • Customer can use the same input screen to request services from different areas within your organization and/or different subject areas ("topics").
  • Requests are placed in an assignment queue specific to the topic where a topic administrator can assign them to the appropriate employee ("tech") for resolution. Requests can also be automatically assigned.
  • Each "Tech" works from a queue of tickets usually shown in reverse date order. New tickets, or those which have new customer interaction, are highlighted.
  • Customers are notified by email of responses to their tickets. The email contains a link they can use to post follow up. (The system can be configured to allow direct posting via email).
  • Tickets in chosen topic areas can be turned into "projects" which allow for task scheduling and tracking.
  • Tickets can be included in a searchable knowledge base for internal and/or customer use.
  • Ties into your employee database (can use Active Directory or other LDAP repository)
  • A new organization or service can be added through the administrative interface without furether programming.

Ceonex Visitor Management

This system lets employees schedule visitors, including long term visitors. It provides an easy to use screen for guards to use at various points (guard station, front desk). It is designed to allow the guard to maintain maximum attention to the customer: other systems can actually become security risks by diverting attention.

This system could be easily extended to work with bar code or card readers and the like.

Ceonex Fleet Reservation System

This is a fairly sophisticated system for scheduling vehicle reservations for organizations that maintain their own pool or fleet of vehicles. The system maintains an inventory of vehicles by type, ascertains availability of a vehicle of the selected type for the requested length of time, assigns vehicles from the pool just-in-time to distribute mileage, calculates the distance of multi-hop travel using a geographic database, and accommodates charging by time and/or mileage. The system also allows for maintenance scheduling and long term "open ended" use of a vehicle.

Ceonex Time & Attendance

The Time and Attendance System was designed for use within an organization that tracks time for both attendance and charging purposes. It is currently highly tailored to a specific set of requirements but is adaptable to a more general solution. Among its features:

  • understands organizational hierarchy rules
  • time can be reviewed/adjusted by managers and their delegates
  • ability to save "favorite" charge codes and time "types"
  • allows employees to save and use a daily "template"
  • handles leave
  • enforces work hour rules using user defined work schedules (including completely flexible schedules)
  • employs AJAX technology to limit screen refreshes
  • supports a large number of concurrent users


Leadix incorporates tools for lead generation, content management and social networking into a single market-tested, robust platform. Utilized by publishers such as NetworkWorld, Computerworld, Reed Business Information, Hearst, Putman Media, Fortune and others, Leadix has powered sites and microsites for Honeywell, Siemens, Intel, Digi-Key, Oracle, Google, IBM and many more. This system is based on PHP. Features include:

  • Turn-key lead generation and analysis
  • Campaign optimization
  • ROI calculations
  • Lead nurturing
  • Reporting and tracking

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