Application Development

Application Examples

Applications cover the gamut from mobile "apps" to systems that automate entire businesses. Some samples of applications we've built include:

  • A Time and Attendance System for the Corps of Engineers that replaced paper and spreadsheet entry saving an estimated $300,000 annually for the New England District which has been adopted by the Mobile and New Orleans Districts. It is highly integrated with other Corps systems.
  • A multiple language B2B catalog for Ideal Clamp. Here the unique aspect was a custom application we built that kept track of required translations and mappings between languages.
  • A Tickler System for State Street Bank's Corporate Trust Division. Administration of derivative products requires that certain actions be undertaken at specific times. This can get quite complex and it is important that actions (such as computing an interest rate based on LIBOR) be undertaken when specified.
  • A Document Scanning Application, SharePoint based, for the US Corps of Engineers that keeps track of originals by creating bar coded labels that are affixed to the document covers. The document number is then related to certain document "metadata" (basically classifications) that is stored in a database and inserted into the scanned documents digital representation (e.g. PDF) as properties. These documents and properties are then made available through SharePoint search. Finally, some document properties can be used to enforce mandated document life cycle management, as for example by HP Trim.
  • A public social sports talk web site,, which includes elaborate content rating and search-as-an-application capabilities. This site works well on mobile devices as well as larger displays.
  • A fence estimation system for fence company web sites to allow customers to estimate the cost of fencing. This is a client side (i.e. javascript on the browser) application. A demo can be seen at

This is a small sample. In short, we have very broad experience in creating cost effective applications to perform a wide range of functions to meet a variety of needs.

Why Ceonex?

In a nutshell, because we don’t just “build” applications: we help you discover how to use technology to reduce effort and labor costs and better serve and reach customers. If we’re not generating a demonstrable and highly favorable return on the applications and integrations we build for you, we aren’t doing our job.

Additionally we have our credentials and record: Ceonex personnel have been building applications for over 25 years. Take a look at our “gallery” of applications, case studies, and testimonials. We have a customer satisfaction rating of 96 out of 100 from OpenRatings based on client responses (the 4% is mostly explained by not all respondents answering all questions).

We at Ceonex always offer a free initial consultation, and if follow up is needed to define the high level scope of work, that is done at no cost as well.

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