Cloud Solutions

Like many buzzwords, the “Cloud” covers a lot of territory and technology that has been around for a while as well as newer technology. We are an Amazon Web Services Technical Partner, so we know the technology well.

Simply put Cloud solutions let you put your information technology applications (email, accounting, web site) and/or infrastructure (routers, firewalls, network, servers) on hardware that you don’t own or maintain, but that is more secure in most cases, practically immune to catastrophic failure, simpler to maintain, and costs less.

The benefits of using Cloud based applications and virtual hardware include:

  • eliminate hardware along with hardware maintenance and replacement and the headache of moving to new hardware
  • reduced and simplified network management: single control panel to manage network, security, users, and monitoring
  • extremely high security: AWS security includes firewall, certificate based access control, ssh, two factor authentication and other security features that we configure to provide bullet proof security.
  • extremely easy “scalability”: pay only for the capacity you need and increase capacity easily as needed. This helps minimize cost.
  • high reliability: Amazon quotes reliability of “12 nines” for it’s storage (99.9999999999) and one has the ability to take images anytime and restore them in minutes. We supplement that with "offsite" backup.
  • ability to easily test virtual network configurations: if you need a network item, it can be created with the click of the mouse and deleted (or suspended) with another click when not needed
  • bottom line: lowered costs and headaches

Putting your applications and virtual hardware in the Cloud simplifies your life, can virtually eliminate the chances of catastrophic failure and data loss due to hardware failure, and saves time, money, and headaches. At Ceonex we were early adopters of Cloud based solutions and virtual hardware. We can testify to the peace of mind and savings you get from the move to the Cloud. While the above may sound “techy” and complex, the result is simple and easy. We’d be happy to give you a demo. Windows, Linux or any mix.

Ceonex's Amazon Cloud Services

Ceonex has some of its roots in the Web Hosting business. We ran a web hosting company, Infoboard, in the late 1990’s (Infoboard was aquired by a publicly traded company in 1999). So we know what it takes to properly configure a network and host servers and applications.

Once we sold Infoboard and concentrated on application development and web design, we moved our applications to the cloud starting with email. Today we are entirely Cloud based with our own hosted SaaS applications and customer applications and web sites, as well as our internal back office applications running either on specialized Cloud “software as a service” applications (think email, online accounting packages, Google docs), or on virtual servers and hardware on Amazon’s Web Services.

While we are an Amazon Web Services Technology partner, our advice will span the gamut from online backup to online applications to migrating your network infrastructure to the Cloud. We use a mix of services as appropriate and are committed to doing what works best in your situation. Cloud migrations can be as low as $5K for complete set up, application and content migration.

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