Small to Mid Sized Business Cloud Migration

Businesses often use Windows applications and servers. Here is a sample small to mid sized business configuration and thoughts on how to migrate to the Cloud.

  • Email - if this is hosted locally on Exchange Server, solutions could include migrating the server to the Cloud (but do you really feel like continuing to manage it?), transferring it to Office 365, moving to a hosted Exchange server, or migrating to Google Apps. Of course your exact configuration and preferences will be key.
  • Accounting - accounting packages are usually fairly straightforward to maintain, and your license can be transferred. Options include moving your software to a virtual cloud server or moving to an online version of your software.
  • Office documents - these can remain on your desktops or be moved to the Cloud or you can have both at the same time with such offerings as Dropbox, Google Apps and Office 365 that synchronize documents between the Cloud and your desktop. We highly recommend using such an application. Here the key is thinking through the “folder” and permission structure before hand.
  • Business processes - custom programmed business applications, usually database driven, are prime candidates for migration to the Cloud. We can design a Cloud network infrastructure for you and optionally connect it via virtual private network to your office network.
  • Website - your web site is probably already externally hosted. If you want, it can be moved to your Cloud network to facilitate tighter integration. If you have a high traffic web site, see our service offerings related to high traffic web applications.
  • Backup - regardless of what part of your business you move to the Cloud, you will still have local desktop and laptops. A surprisingly large percentage of businesses are not backing up to the Cloud. You should be. We can recommend or install a Cloud backup solution.

The above is only a sample. If you are a small business, a few hours of time may be all that is required to get you moved over. If you’re a midsized business the process may be more time consuming. In either case our most important contribution may be simply taking reviewing your network and drafting comprehensive recommendations.

Note: we do both Windows and Linux and any mix. If you still have Windows 2003 servers, these should be replaced.

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