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Ceonex has provided application design, implementation and support services, as well as SharePoint design and administration services, to the US Army Corps of Engineers since 2003. Our Government clients have given us a 96% OpenRatings ranking. We hold a GSA Schedule 70 contract.

We work with our Government clients to understand a need, architect a solution, and deliver that solution at a reasonable cost.


Business Application Design and Implementation using Agile Project Management methodologies; SharePoint configuration and customization; Web site design and implementation; SharePoint 2010 Search and porting; Document Management.


For Microsoft based clients: ASP.NET, C#, SharePoint customization including User Interface customization and web parts, PDF manipulation (digital signing), SQL Server and Oracle.

For Open technology clients: PHP on Linux, MySQL or Postgress. Cross platform tehnologies include: complex client side Javascript, HTML5, Flash. We are adept at several Content Management Systems such as Drupal, WordPress, and SharePoint. We also offer our own Leadix Publishing Platform for complex hosted e-learning and social sites.


The following systems were developed for the Corps of Engineers and are in use in one or more Districts. We would be pleased to provide demonstrations of any of these. Please call to set up a demo. All of these systems are integrated with Active Directory and the Corps of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS) to eliminate duplicate entry and enforce consistency between two sources of employee information. These systems can be adapted for use under SharePoint.

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Enterprise Time & Attendance (ETA)  Product Sheet Product Sheet  Request full case study

Ceonex worked with the US Army Corps of Engineer’s New England District to replace their paper time reporting system with a fully digital system which enforces all of their required attendance rules and produces a digitally signed document. The Enterprise Time and Attendance System (ETA) saves the New England District an estimated $300,000/year in operating costs, and had a payback period of less than two years. In a recent survey by the Corps, ETA received the top ranking of the 74 time entry systems identified by a wide margin, with the lowest "risk". ETA has since been adopted at the Mobile District. The Enterprise Time and Attendance System tracks both attendance and project time and enforces timekeeping rules for the Corps of Engineers. > See more.

ETA Features

  • Populates accurate/valid codes from source: Corps of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS)
  • Enforces time and attendance regulations
  • Uses network credentials, no separate login required
  • Cross checks attendance hour input to labor code project accounting input
  • Employees always have up-to-date listing of active labor codes w/balances
  • Newly created labor codes w/balances automatically upload to employee's timesheet.
  • Entries by employee can be made on or off site (via VPN)
  • Understands all Corps “tour of duty” types: from part time, to fixed hours per day, to schedules that vary by day – including those that are different for each day for a 2 week “period” to “floating” time over a one or two week period.
  • Enforces “tour of duty” attendance rules, including mixed attendance/leave
  • Supports “shift work” time crossing midnight
  • Timekeeper can access sheets and post to CEFMS from anywhere (via VPN)
  • System automatically generates an email to employee when entry has not been made after 1 day (configurable) and their supervisor after 2 days (configurable)
  • System allows for timesheet and changes to be electronically signed by employee, supervisor and timekeeper using CAC certificate authentication and PDF signing
  • Electronically signed timesheets and any changes saved to database, no paper documents
  • Enforces privacy: only supervisors, their delegates, and timekeepers in the employee’s chain of command can view timesheets
  • User can save and apply a daily template if their hours and projects are often repeated
  • Automates time and attendance work flows
  • Batches sign off sheets for timekeepers and supervisors and allows them to rapidly review and sign all sequentially
  • Allows the user to promote “favorite” projects and leave codes
  • Handles “away time” when an employee is off line for any reason
  • Calculates and accrues project labor charges
  • Calculates and displays “personal leave balances” for such items as annual leave
  • Uses AJAX to minimize screen refreshes

case study  Request the full case study

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Ceonex Vehicle Reservation System   case study Product Sheet

Originally built for the Corps, a sophisticated system for scheduling vehicle reservations is useful for any organization that maintains their own pool or fleet of vehicles. The system maintains an inventory of vehicles by type, ascertains availability of a vehicle of the selected type for the requested length of time, assigns vehicles from the pool via a just-in-time process to distribute mileage, calculates the distance of multi-hop travel using a geographic database, and accommodates charging by time and/or mileage. A set of administrative screens is included for maintaining the list of available vehicles, generate reports and graphs, and research history. The system also includes a module for maintenance scheduling and long term "open ended" use of a vehicle. This system was rewritten from scratch and is owned by Ceonex and used by the Corps, NAE under license.

Service Request System

Our Help Desk System is much more than the name suggests; it can accept and handle service requests, and even operate as a project management tool. > See more.

SRS features include:

  • Intuitive user interface to place a request, view or respond to open requests, and view history.
  • Customer can use the same input screen to request services from different areas within your organization and/or different subject areas ("topics").
  • Requests are placed in an assignment queue specific to the topic; from there, a topic administrator can assign them to the appropriate employee ("tech") for resolution. Requests can also be automatically assigned.
  • Each "Tech" works from a queue of sortable tickets usually shown in reverse date order. New tickets, or those which have new customer interaction, are visually highlighted.
  • Customers receive email notification of responses to their tickets. The email contains a link they can use to post follow up. (The system can be configured to allow direct posting via email).
  • Tickets in chosen topic areas can be turned into "projects" which allow for task scheduling and tracking.
  • Tickets can be included in a searchable knowledge base for internal and/or customer use.
  • Ties into your employee database (can use Active Directory or other LDAP repository)
  • A new organization or service can be added through the administrative interface without further programming.

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Visitor Management System   case study Product Sheet

This system lets employees schedule visitors, including long term visitors. It provides an easy to use screen for guards to use at various points (guard station, front desk). It is designed to allow the guard to maintain maximum attention to the customer: other systems can actually become security risks by diverting attention.

This system could be easily extended to work with bar code or card readers and the like.


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