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Convert: User Experience

  • Building a visual and functional user front end that focuses exclusively on providing an exceptional user experience while conveying company, service and product information.
  • Causing the desired emotional response in a user to facilitate conversion to a client.
  • Building sites that move beyond merely conveying information. They advertise, motivate, excite and inspire. Users are more likely to remember-and recommend-your site.
  • Researching your target audience's behavior, needs, technical know how level etc. Meeting those, reults in increased lead generation and prospect conversion.


One of the most underrated aspects of a website is the quality of the "user experience."

To entice a user into wanting to interact with a company and its offerings, he or she must be made comfortable in every aspect of his or her experience on your site. To achieve this, your site must be easy to navigate and effectively address the specific needs of your target audience, while also striking the appropriate emotional tone.

A Quantemo usability study can determine the emotional effect of your site, as well as its user-friendliness. By quantifying the emotions and mental effort of visitors to your site, we can provide specific recommendations to create a tremendously positive user experience for your target audience.

Additionally to an appropriate emotional tone and seamless interface, a user has to be kept interested by solid interactive content, enticing navigational options to explore the content and fast response times when navigating through the site.

To all of those issues we at CEONEX pay very close attention.

Another item to keep in mind of course is also the different computers and browsers that are out there. We build the solution for our target audiences in such a fashion that everyone gets to see the site-not just a chosen few high tech experts that have all the latest bells and whistles.

A frustrated user may never return, but an enticed prospect is only a few steps away from becoming your customer.



PixelBrick (Ceonex, Inc.) stayed on schedule and on budget... to release the project ahead of schedule! We look forward to working with PixelBrick (Ceonex, Inc.) on future projects.

Keith Gill,
Vice President,
Marketel Systems LTD.


...outstanding design work and timely implementation...a fabulous website that accurately captures both our mission and spirit...

W. Michael Draper,
NetworkWorld, Inc.


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