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Retain: Analysis

Analyzing site visitor behavior through traffic analysis, usability studies and interactive polling. Recommending and making site and application adjustments to improve usability and user experience.


Getting prospect to view your site and make purchases is only half the value of your web site. Learning how your users interact with, use, and navigate your information makes up the second half of the value of your site.

By monitoring what pages a single user visits or information they access during a session on your site, you can begin to understand what they are looking for. They may have found your site looking for one product, but may find other product you have more fitting or compliments their original inquiry. Amazon has an excellent example of this. When you look at the details of a specific book, you are offered other recommendations based upon what other visitors have looked at and purchased along with the current book. This is a calculated move on Amazon's part. By presenting these extra selections, they either sell another book or get you to find an alternative to your first find that may not necessarily have met all your needs.

Traffic analysis also allows you to see what products or services are driving visitors to your site and what is not. This can help you to evaluate product selection and placement on your web site.

Usability studies can greatly increase the conversion and retention of your prospect. Understanding how a visitor views your site can help you to adjust layout and content. If you could find the perfect layout location to sell a product wouldn't you want to use it? Every aspect of a sites visit is up for analysis. The color, navigation, imagery, and layout effect how users perceive your company. Taking the time and effort to make the experience more pleasant, informative and efficient tells your visitor that you care about their experience and you want to do business.

Interactive polling is an excellent opportunity to get feedback from your visitors even when a sales transaction is not made. Polling helps you to learn who your visitors truly are and why they are on your site. You may find that an entirely new market exists for a product that you were not aware of.

By analyzing how visitors interact, view and navigate your website, you learn about your customers and your market. You can make site adjustments and product placement choices. You can make suggestions to your customer or place a product where the customer is most likely to notice it. Analysis is crucial to an effective web marketing strategy.



PixelBrick (Ceonex, Inc.) stayed on schedule and on budget... to release the project ahead of schedule! We look forward to working with PixelBrick (Ceonex, Inc.) on future projects.

Keith Gill,
Vice President,
Marketel Systems LTD.


...outstanding design work and timely implementation...a fabulous website that accurately captures both our mission and spirit...

W. Michael Draper,
NetworkWorld, Inc.


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