HostRocket Case Study

Industry: e-Business Automation, e-Commerce Solutions Provider
Description: Created website for new corporate identity and designed user interface for Cydec's Advanced e-Business Automation System.
Client Quote

"With most companies, you will receive a great looking site. With Ceonex, however, you're going to receive something more: a site that makes you money. Ceonex is one of only a handful of companies that understands that in order to have a truly successful web presence, you need more than just a need a solution."

Brendan Brader,
Co-Founder and CEO,

Project Overview

The ongoing HostRocket project has been nothing short of astounding in terms of the results seen over several phases: revenues have more than quadrupled, customer conversion rates have more than doubled, and site traffic continues to increase by over 8% each month.

"What has been achieved over several years of collaboration has not only been enormously satisfying on a professional level, but also extraordinary on a personal level as well," said Theodore Agranat, CEO of Ceonex. "It has been a genuine pleasure to see HostRocket grow into the company it is today, and I enjoyed the part that Ceonex played in that very much."

Ceonex has worked with HostRocket on three distinct phases so far, each of which pushed the web hosting company to an entirely new level and resulted in significant company growth.


Ceonex addressed a number of challenges across different phases of the HostRocket project.

  • Site navigation problems leading to ineffective use of staff
  • Brand inconsistent with level of service provided
  • Needing to leverage opportunities to target various markets
  • Accommodating updated technology and service offerings


Ceonex addressed a number of challenges across different phases of the HostRocket project.

  • Modular and scalable solution over several phases
  • Navigation and information flow adjustments
  • Targeted brand and visual image
  • Updated technology and audience tools


Outstanding business results are not just about image-but the bottom line.

  • Revenues more than quadrupled
  • Customer conversion rates more than doubled
  • 8.3% monthly increase in site traffic
  • 20% decrease in client turnover after both phase 1 and 3
Revenue More Than Quadrupled

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